Solar Electric (PV)

Solar Energy Systems installs the finest solar panels available. Our panel of choice is Panasonic however we do offer lower cost options to fit your needs. 

At SES we design systems to meet the needs of our client. With hundreds of system variations there is no job to difficult.

Our main system is warrantied for 25 years and with an average of 10% annual return on investment. With this return you can double your original investment within the warrantied life alone. Our solar panels keep going long after the warranty is over with the panels lasting 40+ years.

We also offer off-grid and energy storage solutions for those looking to be protected from power outages.

The cost of energy is always rising.

The below chart shows the average cost of electricity in the United States between 1960 and 2010.

When you invest in solar energy you put an end to this increase and money back in your pocket.

Solar Energy Systems of Brevard installs only the finest solar products on the market and does so at a very competitive price.eiagraph copy

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